We believe project-based software development is worth for small and medium size companies. If you have a project with clear specifications and do not want to add full time developers, we can help on a Project based work.

We take over the charge of delivery and make available of Project manager, Business analyst, Software Architect, DBA, software Developer and Quality assurance specialist for your project needs.

  • We offer frequent meeting with clients keep you update with current progress of the project.
  • We offer complete access to all source code and details of the project as you choose.
  • We are also willing to support and maintain the application after deliver the project.
  • We re-designs or replaces legacy systems, ensuring optimal operation during the migration process.

If you have any software development plan in your mind, send your specification over to us. Our team of project manager and developers will meticulously analyze it and conduct thorough research and get back to you with recommendations.